The Beauty of Black Interiors

Isabelle Lapare 11/23/2015 9:42:30 AM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration

For the longest time, black has been on the no-no list of interior design. Slowly but surely, the bold color choice has gained in popularity and has now established itself as a hot trend.

Whether you choose to create a luxurious rich environment by using metallic accent in your room…

…Or opt for a more contemporary approach…

…A black interior design is sure to be an attention grabber for any room of your house.

However, all rooms are not created equal. Painting a smaller room in all black may have you feeling a little claustrophobic. So what to do when designing a smaller room and the call for luxurious black comes to you? Accessorize!  Just as accessories can wow the gallery when added to a simple outfit, highlighting your room with well-chosen pieces will surely do the trick and add that chic element that will enhance your decor.

You can go with a carefully selected lamp, decorative framed picture, an area rug or why not change your window treatment?

A well-crafted black shutter would definitely add that rich bold feeling to the room and is guaranteed to be that statement piece you are looking for.

For example this Designer shutter, finished in a signature Jet color, greatly completes this bathroom by adding a dramatic effect to the whole decor. The high contrast draws the eyes to the shutter and makes it the center piece.

Offered in your choice of regular finish or high gloss finish, Designer shutters offer bold, rich and different colors and an exclusive modern design.    

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