Looking at Inside Mounts for Shutters

Yasmeen 6/18/2020 10:48:36 AM Ask Yasmeen, Buying and Fitting Shutters

Installing plantation shutters can be done as an inside or outside mount. Inside mount fits inside the recessed depth of a window opening. Outside mount attaches to the wall or trim surrounding a window opening.

For windows that have enough depth to accommodate the shutters, inside mount is a popular choice, as the shutters will sit more flush to the wall than an outside mount.




Here are a few factors to consider:

Recess Depth


Measuring from the edge of your wall or trim, back toward the glass, shutters will need a varying amount of recess depth, depending on the slat size you choose.

Our measuring guides lay out the depth requirements for each slat size. We also offer frames in a variety of depths to help push the shutters further away from the glass or any obstructions in the window opening.

At least 1” of flat surface area inside the recess of the window opening is recommended in order to properly secure an inside mount frame.




L-Frame vs Z-Frame


L-Frames are a square frame with a minimal profile that fit completely within the recess of the window opening. They can be mounted back toward the glass, or flush with the wall, or even pulled out past the edge of the wall to create extra depth.

Z-Frames have a decorate lip that overlaps the wall to create the look of a decorative molding surrounding the window opening. These are great for hiding any gaps or imperfections if your windows have a lot of variance in the measurements. 


Tilt-in Windows

For windows that tilt in for cleaning, inside mount shutter frames can block this function.

You can print the scale templates of our frames from our measuring guide, and place them inside your window opening to check if the windows will clear the shutter frame.

Some customers will still prefer the look of an inside mount and will forfeit the tilt-in function. Alternately, you could consider an outside mount instead to preserve the tilt-in function.


How to Measure

Inside mount is the easiest option to measure for, as you are just providing us with the exact dimensions of the window opening.

Measure 3 spots for the width and height to check for variance, as most windows are not perfectly level. Order using the smallest exact measurement to ensure a good fit.

Our shutter experts will call you after the order is placed to discuss the measurements and recommend an optional deduction to give you some wiggle room for an easier install.





Installing Inside Mount


Providing the exact, smallest window opening dimensions, and taking our recommended deduction will help you ensure that your shutters will not be a tight fit.

If you have ordered a Z-Frame, the lip of the frame will automatically cover any gaps due to variance within the window opening.

For an L-Frame, running a bead of caulk around the outside edge of the shutter frame once it is installed will give you a more seamless finish.

It is important to keep the frame sides level when installing. It is a good idea to start with one screw in each frame side, not drilling too tightly, and check for levelness as you continue drilling in the remaining screws. Tighten the screws at the end once the frame is securely mounted and level.

Depending on how much variance /gaps you have, you may want to use shims to help you keep the frame sides level when installing.




As you can see, inside mount is a simple option to measure and install. If you are unsure whether your window will accommodate an inside mount, or how to work around any obstructions in the opening, we are here to help! Email us a picture or give us a call today.



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