Will plantation shutters add value to my home?

Yasmeen 4/14/2021 10:44:51 AM Benefits of Shutters, Home Decor and Design

How do shutters add value to your home? Having beautiful custom-made plantation shutters can add style, elegance, and functionality to your home, which adds value you cannot put a price on. But other benefits like insulation, energy efficiency, and increased property value have financial benefits as well!

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Do plantation shutters add value to a home?

The simple answer is yes, plantation shutters are a great way to add value to your home. The reason being is that they add a stunning and timeless appearance to your home, from both the inside and outside. As they're typically custom-made to fit individual windows, homeowners are likely to leave them in their old house when they move, meaning that the new home buyers don't have to worry about buying new window dressings.

Buying Shutters to help sell your home

If you are investing in your home as your long-term residence, custom shutters can be designed to fit your most creative vision for style. Customize your panel configuration, color, slat size, framing, etc. You can choose smaller slats and folding panels for a colonial style or choose large slats, hidden tilt rod, and even a high gloss finish for an ultra-modern home.

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On the other hand, if it is an investment property or you are wanting to get your home ready for sale, you can always go for the most popular/neutral style options.

You may want to stick with neutral tones if you are listing your home for sale soon. Neutral white and off-white colors will be the most versatile and will help potential buyers envision creating their own design aesthetic in the home.


Shutters that match the existing paint or wood stain can make a room appear more open and larger, whereas contrast color shutters pop but break up the space which can trick the eye into perceiving the room as smaller.

While both wood and vinyl shutters are of the same quality and durability, you may pique more interest from potential home buyers with wooden shutters. Our most popular and best-selling range, with the most options for customization, is the Classic Poplar Hardwood range.

The most cost-effective range is our Affordable Fauxwood, made of solid polyvinyl with an aluminum core, and near impossible to distinguish from real wooden shutters. This material is waterproof and perfect for bath or shower areas, kitchens, or anywhere with exposure to moisture or humidity.

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The most popular slat size is 3 ½" which falls right in the middle of the range of slat sizes we offer. This is a safe bet if you are unsure of the future homeowners’ preference. A central tilt rod is the most traditional selection.


If your windows do not have any existing trim, use one of our Z Frames or Deco Frames as a cost-effective way to add the look of a decorative molding to your windows. These frames not only look like trim work was added, but they also help hide any gaps or imperfections in the window opening.

High Value Shutters with Low Maintenance benefits

Another perk of plantation shutters is that they are super easy to maintain! They do not yellow in the sunlight, fade, or crack. Unfortunately, many other window treatments will not hold up well in high heat, direct sunlight, or humidity, and these worn out treatments can diminish the value and curb appeal of your home.


Part of the great value of shutters is their longevity. They will outlast several sets of blinds, curtains, or shades. All you need to do to keep your shutters looking great is dust them off from time to time. If any damage occurs from high usage or rough handling over time, check out our easy maintenance and repair tips in our video library.

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Plantation shutters are an easy DIY Investment

There are several other ways that plantation shutters add value to your home life. Check out our recent post with more reasons that plantation shutters are a smart investment.

Doing your own measure and install is a great way to cut the cost of plantation shutters nearly in half. If this DIY project has been on your to-do list, put your fears aside, and let us help you tackle the project.

There is no prior experience needed to have a successful journey with us. Take a look at our DIY guides and see how easy it is to make this investment in your home today!

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