Why Have Bespoke Shutters Custom Made for Your Home?

Custom-made shutters are tailored to fit your window like a glove, as opposed to off-the-shelf window treatments. Curtains, blinds, shades, or pre-made shutters simply don’t cut it.  

Custom shutters install quickly, easily, are bespoke to match your home’s aesthetic and add value to your home. They are made to work with windows of unique shapes, sizes, with or without trim, with deep casings or limited recess depth – from Vivid White to Matte Black and everywhere in between!  

Attention to Detail 

At The Shutter Store – we do one thing and we do it well! As a company that specializes only in custom, interior plantation shutters, we know our shutters inside and out.  

Our shutter experts go through rigorous hands-on training and are here to guide you with a free design consultation and lead the way from measuring, placing your order, all the way through installation and maintenance.  

We work with our manufacturing team of expert craftsmen to tailor our options and continually revamp our product offering to include the most durable, beautiful, trendy, and practical, budget-friendly options for our customers.  

No detail is left to chance with our order confirmation process. Our shutter experts call to verbally review and confirm the specs of every order to ensure that the options you selected will be a perfect fit for your windows along with an aesthetically pleasing design. 

Dark grey shutters in bathroom

A Better Fit 

No need to search for a curtain wide enough, or blinds scrunched up at the bottom with excess material, rolling shades that need to be trimmed to the correct length, or choose a shutter pre-cut to a “standard” size.  

Being in the shutter business, we know there is no such thing as a standard window size. Even side-by-side windows in the same room may vary by fractions of an inch. Even within the same window, measurements may vary slightly from top to bottom and left to right, as most windows are not perfectly square or level.  

Don’t settle for rounding up or down or buying stock sizes. This leads to you to have to cut down the shutters to fit or shim / add trim to cover unsightly gaps. Every one of our shutters are custom made from scratch to fit your precise measurements down to the nearest 1/16th of an inch. 

Dark grey shutters in bedroom

Our step-by-step measuring guides lead you through measuring for inside mount or outside mount. Whether you have crank handles, alarm sensors, locks, or other obstructions, we can help you ensure you choose the right frame and mount to ensure a proper fit and ensure that the shutter slats are able to fully rotate open and closed without hitting the glass or another obstruction.  

Simply put, custom shutters lead to a better fit, less modifications, a faster install with no waste and a clean seamless finish. A slight bead of caulk around your L-Frame will usually do the trick to make a totally seamless finish unless your windows have quite a bit of variance. Our Z-Frames or Deco Frames are ideal in these situations to cover any gaps and add a decorative trim while perfectly framing and aligning your shutter panels. 

Our installation and maintenance videos show just how quick and easy it is to achieve a flawless installation with our custom-made shutters.  

Oak shutters in living room

As Unique As You 

No matter what design aesthetic you are looking to achieve, you will find a combination that suits you by designing your shutters step-by-step.  

You can choose from full height, café style, tier on tier, solid raised panels, and even special shapes. We have both wooden and vinyl options to suit any room or climate.  

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Choose from modern / contemporary styles like 4 ½" slats with a hidden tilt rod in a Vivid White to fit that ultra-modern home. Or maybe you’d prefer a limewash rustic wood finish with 2 ½" slats and a front-facing tilt rod for a more traditional cottage style home.  

Our wooden shutters are available painted or stained, with a custom color option in our Natural Hardwood range. Choose unfinished wood to create your own custom paint or stain look at home for the experienced DIY-er.  

We also offer faux wood plantation shutters, which are made from PVC composite materials, meaning they're waterproof, scratch-resistant and come in a range of wood stain finishes.

With multiple frame styles including simple flat-faced frames and wide deco frames, there truly is a style to fit every type of home décor.  


Take advantage of our email, chat, or phone support to help you select the best style to achieve your vision. You can always email us pictures of your windows or inspiration pictures of the style you are looking to achieve, and we can help you select the right options to bring your vision to life.  

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