Georgian Sash Window Shutter Ideas

Georgian sash windows are a traditional and historic style. If you have these in your home, you likely want to retain the historic appearance, while getting the benefits of modern window treatments. Plantation shutters provide privacy, noise reduction and insulation and can be customized to fit the traditional style of your windows. 

Georgian sash window with shutters

Traditional Shutter Design Elements 

Georgian sash windows are sectioned into multiple panes – large windows are comprised of several small panes in a grid-like pattern. You don’t have to compromise the vintage aesthetic to get a modern window treatment!  

The following shutter design options will give your windows a traditional style:  
  • Smaller slats – our shutters come in 2 ½", 3”, 3 ½", 4”, or 4 ½". Stick with 2 ½" to 3” slats for a traditional look 
  • Central tilt rod – rather than a hidden rod where you move the slats by hand, vintage/ traditional shutters have the tilt rod in the front and center 
  • Narrower panels – depending on the width of your window opening, our website will give you options on how many shutter panels you’d like to have per window. Choose the most / largest number of panels to have narrower, folding panels to match the shutter style to your window style 
  • Custom colors – match your shutter color to your window trim by selecting one of our standard paint or stain colors 

Or provide us with the color code of a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color for a custom color match in our Natural Hardwood material 

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 White window with shutters

Modern Window Covering Benefits 

Shutters provide practical, functional benefits that other window coverings like blinds or drapes do not offer. Aside from the elegant and traditional aesthetic, DIY shutters are an affordable option with advantages that will pay off in the long run:  
  • Increase property value – Shutters are investment that will allow you to list your home for a higher selling price 
  • Noise reduction – lower street noise for a quieter room and better nights’ sleep 
  • Thermal abilities – reduce heating / cooling costs by insulating the home with full height shutters) 
  • Easy to clean – just wipe with a dry cloth or duster – no need for chemicals, vacuuming, laundering or any hassle 
  • Reduce dust and allergens in the home  
  • Maximum privacy – slats are designed closing flat in the upwards direction with an overlap for optimum privacy and light blockage 
  • Durability and longevity – warrantied for 2-3 years, shutters will last years or even decades beyond the warranty as a permanent fixture in the home 
  • Family friendly 

How to Measure and Install Shutters on Sash Windows 

Following our simple measuring guides, even the most inexperienced DIYer can successfully install plantation shutters on a sash window.  

The first step is to decide if you are doing an inside mount or outside mount so that you can download the corresponding measuring guide (or review both guides to help decide)!  

If your windows have sufficient recess depth without obstructions (alarm sensors, locks etc) and do not tilt inwards for cleaning, you can opt for an inside mount with the shutter frame recessed into the opening, flush with the wall.  

Sash windows usually slide up and down or side to side and are recessed in with double-paned glass, usually making them an ideal candidate for an inside mount. Choose an L-Frame for a simple streamlined look that will not interfere with any existing trim, or choose a Z-Frame to add a decorative trim bordering the shutter, if your windows do not have any existing trim.  

 Bathroom with white plantation shutters

If recess depth is limited, or the window tilts in for cleaning, you can always choose an outside mount frame, keeping the inside of the window opening clear. The outside mount frame can mount directly onto the wall or trim that surrounds the window opening.  

Even with decorative trim, an outside mount frame can sit on top of it, though you may need to use shims to help you keep the frame level when installing. Fully or partially cover the existing trim, using our frame templates to help you visualize where the frame will sit and take accurate measurements.  

>> Inside mount measuring guide 

>> Outside mount measuring guide 

>> Shutter installation guides  


Window coverings for Georgian Sash Windows

Still unsure how to cover your sash windows? As with any window, our shutter experts are just a call, email, or online chat message away! There is a free design consultation with every order, so simply wait for the assigned shutter expert to call and review all details and measurements with you before your order goes into production.

Attach a photo to your order or email it to us in advance for expert advice on the best design to fit your window. 

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