Can I Paint Vinyl Shutters?

Yasmeen 9/18/2020 9:43:19 AM Home Decor and Design

We often get asked if plantation shutters can be painted. Perhaps you have a bright, bold color in mind and do not see it in our color selection. Or perhaps you want to switch up the color down the road if you redecorate. So, can you paint vinyl shutters? 

Can you paint plastic shutters?

While we do have a broad plantation shutter color selection, and many options for getting the color of your dreams, our vinyl shutters are not meant to be painted after production.

Our Affordable Fauxwood and American Polyvinyl ranges are waterproof solid vinyl with an aluminum core. Being a hard non-porous material, and being painted at the factory and coated with multiple layers of our UV protectant and sealant, it would be difficult to get any additional paint to adhere to the shutters once you receive them.

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The polyvinyl material cannot be sanded down to a smooth finish to remove any existing paint or UV protection in order to apply your own paint color.

While some specialty paints may work over our custom vinyl shutters, it would likely be a costly paint purchase and more challenging to achieve an even paint finish that will last.

sep-2.jpg  sep-3.jpg
Vinyl shutter frame spray painted           Vinyl shutter frame painted with brush

We do have 10 standard colors to choose from in the Affordable Fauxwood range and 3 standard colors in the American Polyvinyl, so you will likely find a good match or a neutral color to fit with any décor style.

The color selection for vinyl shutters is not limited to just white or off-white. We have a range of colors including Alabaster, Grey, Swiss Coffee, Biscuit and more.

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Alternately, for a wider color selection or an easily paintable shutter, you can opt for wooden shutters.

Can you paint wooden shutters?

Wooden shutters can easily be painted or stained. You can order your wooden shutters unfinished & primed for painting if you have your own paint you would like to use. You can also order the wooden shutters raw, unfinished in order to stain them yourself.

To save yourself the time and effort, you can of course also choose from our available selection of paint and stain colors. Check out our Designer Collection for bright, bold colors like Peacock and Claret Red.


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If you think you will want a custom color or will want to use your own paint or stain, it is best to choose these options when you initially place your order. If your shutters are stained, the wood will
have absorbed the stain, and it will be difficult to re-stain.

sep-6.jpg    sep-7.jpg
Painting over already painted shutters

However, if you order a painted shutter and decide to use a different color down the road, with a little commitment of time and effort, this can be done. You can gently sand to remove the existing paint and UV protectant and sealant, revealing the wood to achieve an even paint finish.


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Custom Color Shutters in Classic Poplar Hardwood

Ordering in our Classic Poplar Hardwood range, you will see 10 paints and 9 stains to choose from, or you can request a custom color match. We can match any current Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color by providing us the color code from a current swatch deck.


This customer wanted a custom blue and white shutter to complete his office.

Dynamic Blue custom color shutters manufactured in Classic Poplar Hardwood.

For other brands of paint, you can mail us a swatch for matching. This adds a couple of weeks to your manufacturing time, however, saves you time in the long run. Our shutter experts can help you note this option on your order and provide you with a quote for the custom color fee.

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Here are some additional resources to help you select the best option to obtain the perfect color shutters for your home. Our online gallery showcases some of our previous customers’ most creative projects. See additional pictures and information regarding paint colors for shutters in our previous blog posts, linked below.

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