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What are Do It Yourself shutters?

Plantation shutters are a beautiful, long-lasting, and low-maintenance window covering. But did you know that by cutting out the middleman and doing your own measure & install, you can save 40%+ on custom plantation shutters? Our competitive prices and easy-to-follow guides make DIY shutters a very attainable window treatment!

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How do I measure for my DIY shutters project?

Having a full-service shutter company send someone out to measure can result in a high-pressure sales situation and you may feel your DIY faux wood shutters ideas are limited in terms of your design options. Often, they will only show you a few popular styles to choose from, rather than give you the full range of material, frame, color, slat size, and style options that we can customize for you!

All you need to take accurate measurements for your DIY shutter project is a standard metal measuring tape. No need for a laser measuring device or any additional tools! A metal tape measure is the most accurate way to get your dimensions.

pink-DIY-shutter-ideas-for-the-bathroom.pngMeasure and design your own custom shutters to match any style decor!

Follow our step by step PDF guides for inside mount, outside mount, or our bay window guides. You can print and cut out the frame templates to scale to visualize how your shutter frame will mount, or simply reference the specs in the guide.

Inside mount is as simple as measuring your window opening in 3 spots to check for any variance in the width and height. Order using your smallest exact measurement for width and height.

Outside mount is a matter of measuring to the outside edge of your existing window trim or using our templates to add the correct width of the shutter frame to your window opening size.

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I have my DIY window shutters idea, how would I install them?

Our shutters come with a frame that quickly assembles by tapping in the bowtie shaped Hoffman key in each corner. Once you mount the frame to your window opening using the hardware provided, it is as easy as lining up the hinges from the shutter panels to the matching hinge side on your frame.

We have specific PDF and video guides for each type of installation. If you’ve ordered panels-only, we have a video guide showing you how to take the extra step of lining up your own hinges to mount the shutters without a frame.

The easiest style to install is full height shutters, but even with no prior experience, our simple guides break down installation for all types of windows. If you have a special shape window, you will still follow the same easy guides for either inside mount or outside mount.

Forget waiting to schedule an installation or having to keep a whole day open to accommodate an installer’s schedule. When it comes to DIY shutter projects, you can hang your shutters in no time with just a drill, a level, and a second set of helping hands is useful (especially for a large window).

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Custom tier on tier style bay window shutters

How do I get started with my DIY shutter idea?

Taking a few minutes to look over our video guides, and our PDF measure and install guides is a great place to start. Once you know what style and material you’d like, you can design your shutters in 4 easy steps in our online shop.

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All orders get submitted through our website, but we assign a shutter expert to call you to review and confirm all details prior to production. Attach a picture of your window for more advice, and we can always make any necessary edits to the order design prior to production.

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For help getting started, give us a call or email us a picture of your windows. We have DIY window shutter ideas for even the most complicated windows. To get inspired by our other customers’ DIY shutter ideas, check out our online gallery.

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