Why shutters are a cost-effective way of bringing a high-end look to your home

Yasmeen 9/6/2019 2:15:20 PM Benefits of Shutters
Call us biased, but we think plantation shutters are a stunning and classy addition to any home! Custom-made shutters look very high-end, adding curb appeal, property value, and an overall WOW factor to your home. DIY shutters are an affordable way to achieve this.

Transform any room with the addition of beautiful plantation shutters.

A Long-Term Investment

We believe that affordable shutters should never mean compromising on quality or looking like “cheap shutters”.

Our shutters are made of 100% solid materials. Whether you opt for wood or vinyl shutters, nothing is ever hollow or composite.

We believe shutters should be a one-time purchase. For longevity, we use only the strongest materials to fabricate our shutters.

Our wooden shutters are 100% solid wood, and our vinyl shutters are solid polyvinyl with an aluminum core. You can see and feel the difference between our shutters and the competition. Check out our free samples to see for yourself!

A Design Staple

With custom options for material, color, slat size, and framing, your shutters are sure to compliment your décor.

Choose any of our paint and stain options that match your interior or go for a show-stopping contrast! Either way, shutters will grab positive attention (and even more impressive that you’ve installed them yourself).

Make a bold statement with a contrasting color shutter to brighten a room.

If you think your style of furniture, flooring, paint, or décor may change over time, stick with a neutral shutter color that will work with any style. A neutral tone shutter will never look out of place and will last through the years even as your taste or style may change.

Choose smaller slats and a central tilt rod for a more traditional look – perfect for cottage or farmhouse style. Choose wider slats and a hidden tilt rod for a more modern look – perfect for the contemporary home.

Neutral tones like these Alabaster kitchen shutters will match any style of décor.

Future Savings

Not only will shutters match and outlast your other home furnishings, but you’ll also no longer need to spend any more on other window treatments.

No more switching up curtains to fit a new color scheme. No more dealing with trying to keep dust off your curtains and the hassle of cleaning them! It’s so hard to find a curtain rod, length, fabric, and style that you’ll love for years to come, and likely they’ll start to discolor or fade over time in the hot sun.

Goodbye to blinds that are bunched up on the bottom of the window, with strings that seem to never work or hold them up! No more replacing cracked or broken blinds, which also are likely to yellow over time.

Our shutters are coated with several layers of UV protectant and sealant to prevent fading, or paint cracking or peeling over time.

You’ll also be saving money on your energy bills, as shutters insulate the room reducing the frequency that you need to run heating and cooling. They also provide better light blockage and privacy than curtains, blinds, or shades.

Check out the before-and-after pictures one of our happy customers has sent in! This is the Before.

A new light fixture and custom café style plantation shutters create this stunning After pic.

Affordable Luxury

Shutters look polished and impressive, from the inside out. A ‘luxury’ window treatment, shutters are stylish, low maintenance, and durable – what more could you ask for?

You’ll turn heads in the neighborhood with the added curb appeal. Visitors will no doubt admire the luxe look from the inside.

HOAs, Realtors, and Property Managers will tell you shutters are a valuable investment. The return on investment will come if you’re selling your home, as shutters increase property value.

Transform the interior and exterior of your home with custom plantation shutters.

Our shutters are custom made to the exact sizes you provide, down to the sixteenth of an inch. We have nothing stocked on the shelf that you’ll need to cut down to fit or use chunky filler strips to hide big gaps.

Because they’re tailor made for your windows, our shutters will fit like a glove and look even more stunning than ‘off the rack’ shutters.

The Search is Over

If you’re tired of searching for “the one” in terms of a long-lasting window treatment, let us help.
Luxurious shutters are more achievable and affordable than you think. Plug in your approximate dimensions to get a quick quote for plantation shutters and see just how attainable the dream is!

Check out our measuring guides for step by step instructions to get precise measurements for a perfect fit, then head to our Shop to start designing your shutters.

Design your shutters in 4 easy steps, and they will ship to you in as little as 2 weeks.

Reach out to our shutter experts anytime with any questions. Not sure what slat size or style to choose to compliment your home? Give us a call or email us a picture of your room. We can accomplish any look! Your shutter journey starts here, and we are so excited for you!

Accomplishing your shutter-dream is as important to us as it is to you! Contact us with your project details and we will help you find the best option for your project. Isn’t it a great feeling to know that you can choose your ideal material, color, slat size, and shutter style, and still be in control of your own timeline and budget!


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