Blinds or shutters in the bathroom?

Yasmeen 8/13/2021 2:03:35 PM Ask Yasmeen, Benefits of Shutters, Inspiration
When it comes to fitting your bathroom windows with the best window covering, shutters check all the boxes whether it be affordability, quality, style, or practicality. At 40% less than MSRP for our DIY shutters, and with stunning style and elegance why not choose shutters? If you need more convincing, here we highlight two major benefits specifically for bathroom windows that give shutters a clear edge – their flexible privacy options along with their ease of cleaning.


Flexible Privacy

With blinds, you have the option of fully opening the blinds, or keeping the blinds down and opening the slats to let in light, which also opens up visibility into your home.

With shutters, you can customize your design to allow separate control of the upper and lower slats, so you can keep the bottom closed for privacy, and the top open to let in natural light – a popular choice for bathroom windows!

You can do this multiple ways:

Café style shutters cover only the lower portion of your window, framed around the left, right and bottom only keeping the top open. This allows maximum sunlight into the room, while the shutters can always stay closed for privacy.


Full height shutters can have a mid-rail added, separating the slats in the upper and lower sections to open independently of one another.


Tier on tier style shutter panels are split, so the top panels can be swung open or closed independently of the bottom panels.


Blinds don’t have as many options for customizing the style to suit your needs – it’s a bit “all or nothing”.

Waterproof / Easy to Clean

We have 2 fully waterproof shutter options available – A more affordable option is our cheap faux wood shutters and American Polyvinyl. Both are a solid waterproof vinyl with an aluminum core for added durability and longevity. These are resistant to moisture or warping.

While vinyl blinds may be waterproof, try cleaning them if they get splashed and hard water buildup on them! They also tend to discolor / yellow in direct sunlight, whereas our shutters are UV protected and treated to withstand high heat and direct sunlight. Blinds in the hot sun can start to become brittle and chip or crack over time, while shutters are a long term investment in your home.

Shutters are the easiest window coverings to clean with wider slats that are easier to wipe down than the multiple slats in mini blinds or the ever-falling-down slats of Venetian blinds. Shutters have no strings or scrunched up slats at the bottom to clean around, as there are with blinds.


More Design Options

Our custom shutters allow you to choose your material, panel configuration, slat size, color, tilt rod, and frame style. With endless design combinations, you are sure to be able to achieve your ideal vision for your bathroom décor. We have another blog post dedicated to helping you choose your design options and what to consider for bathroom shutters.

You can also take advantage of ordering up to 4 free samples to see and feel the various material and color options in person.

As with any project, our shutter experts are here to help with any questions along the way, from measuring to design and installation. Give us a call, chat or email – we are here for you every step of the way. We look forward to helping you achieve the bathroom of your dreams!
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