Bathroom shutters - what to consider

Yasmeen 2/14/2020 3:02:30 PM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration
With so many custom options for shutter materials such as colors, styles, and slat sizes, you can be sure of designing the perfect shutters for each room in your house. To narrow down your choices for bathroom window shutters, here are a few things to consider.

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Waterproof Bathroom Shutters

The main consideration when choosing bathroom shutters is whether the shutters will be exposed to moisture or not.

If your shutters will be near a sink, tub, or shower, you’ll want to choose a waterproof vinyl shutter. Our Affordable Fauxwood and American Polyvinyl are both waterproof solid polyvinyl with an aluminum core.

Painted hinges will be more resistant to rust than nickel or brass hinges. It’s always a good idea to wipe the hinges dry after exposure to water to prevent rusting.

A pro tip from our shutter experts is to choose a hidden tilt rod if the shutters are going in a wet area. The central tilt rod is connected to the slats with metal staples. The hidden rod eliminates more metal hardware and makes the shutters easier to clean.

Choose vinyl shutters for bathroom windows near running water.

Some bathroom windows are not near any sinks, tubs, or showers, and will not be exposed to moisture. In these cases, it is okay to use wooden shutters in a bathroom. If there is occasional humidity or condensation on the shutters, just be sure to dry them off with a towel to prevent water from being absorbed and potentially warping the wood.

For special shaped windows in a bathroom, like arched or triangular windows, these will need to be made in solid hardwood. No need to worry, as long as the shutters are not directly exposed to water on a regular basis.

You can opt for vinyl shutters near the sink and still have your special shaped windows covered with wooden shutters.

Full height or café style?

Your privacy is important, so depending on the location of your bathroom window, full height shutters may be best for full coverage. You can choose a mid-rail which will separate the upper and lower slats if you wish to keep the bottom slats closed for privacy and open the upper slats to let in some light.

Full height shutters with a mid-rail allow you full control over the amount of light-entry and privacy.

For 2nd floor windows, or windows that do not allow visibility into the home, café style shutters are a popular choice. These keep the lower portion of your windows covered, and still allow plenty of natural sunlight to come shining in from above.

Bathroom café shutters

Choosing a color

The most common choice for bathroom windows is white shutters. White shutters look clean and bright and will not make an already small room look any smaller. Bright colors make a room look more open than darker colors.

White café style shutters on a large bathroom window

White full height shutters brighten up a bathroom with grey walls.

To find your perfect color match, take advantage of our free samples. Order up to 4 free samples in different materials and colors to see what looks best in your bathroom. You can also contact us for more information on custom color matching.

Ready to get your bathroom fitted with beautiful custom plantation shutters? Get a quick quote online or reach us by phone, email, or online chat. Our shutter experts are here to help with any questions on how to measure or how to start your order.


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