The Shutter Store on HGTV's Homewreckers

The Shutter Store 3/8/2016 1:31:09 PM Promotions
We've all been there. A Do-It-Yourself project that starts off a great idea but soon falls down the priority list.
If you ever need to make yourself feel a little better about your own shortcomings in this area - just watch an episode of HGTV's Housecrashers.
If you've not seen it, contractor Josh Temple steps in to help properties whose owners have clearly reached rock bottom in the home reno motivation department. These are homes in need of some REAL professional help! Just watch one episode and I guarantee you'll stop feeling bad about that shelf that you've been meaning to put up, that's sitting on your garage floor!
The HGTV team deceided that a project they were working on in Sacramento would suit shutters perfectly and we provided American Hardwood shutters for the show.
We've not seen the results ourselves yet, but apparently they have transformed the home. We can't wait to see the episode when it airs later in 2016.