Can you use Valances with Plantation Shutters?

The Shutter Store 8/2/2021 2:18:45 PM Benefits of Shutters
Originating from the era of Victorian interior design, window valances are still a popular window dressing today! Where curtains would cover the entirety of the window, often draping down with the ability to open or close, valances are a more permanent fixture that cover the top of your window only and do not move. They are however a super flexible window treatment that can be paired alongside many different options from curtains, blinds, and you guessed it – plantation shutters!


For those of you out there who may have a fabulous set of window valances already in your home, you might be asking yourselves if it’s possible to pair them with a set of shutters. Our guide here will discuss the benefits of putting the two together, and if they can in fact complement each other well.

Window valances come with a few benefits on their own: they are a great affordable option that provides a touch of style to your windows without completely covering them. By being smaller in size this also means they are easier to clean – simply put them in the washing machine to keep them fresh!
But they also have a few benefits in common with our window shutters. Plantation shutters are also incredibly easy to keep clean, all they need is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth! Pairing the two together gives you two window treatments that are nice and simple to maintain, that also give a stylish new look to your home.

Our plantation shutters are available in a variety of styles, many of which would work perfectly alongside a fabric valance. Café shutters with valances are a fantastic option. With the café shutters offering coverage across the bottom half of your window, and the valance covering the top. The half shutters provide complete light control on the bottom half with the option to close or open completely, and the additional valance can increase your privacy on the top half whilst still allowing a little light to flow into the room.


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A window valance is also a great decorative feature alongside a set of window shutters. For example, full height plantation shutters with a fabric valance means that you get the complete benefits of a set of window shutters: offering both complete light control as well as optional privacy. By using plantations shutters with a valance, the valance adds an interesting decorative element, that covers the top half of your windows. You can opt for a patterned valance that complements a fun bold shutter colour or choose a bold valance that can be a great contrast to a simple white shutter.


Choosing to add window shutters to your existing window valances doesn’t just make your windows a great feature, but also increases the existing benefits of both window treatments. The light levels in your home will be easier to maintain, as well as providing increased choice in when you might want a bit more privacy. Take a look at our shutters today and find the best style to complement your window valances!

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