DIY Hacks to Keep Your Home Cool in the Summer

Yasmeen 6/20/2022 9:39:26 AM Benefits of Shutters, Seasonal

Trying to keep your energy bills down this summer without compromising on comfort? Keeping your home properly insulated means the temperature in your home won’t rise as much, therefore reducing the need for air conditioning to run as frequently. Plantation shutters can insulate your home while also adding property value & style for a win-win this summer!  


Do Shutters Keep Rooms Cool?  

Yes! Plantation shutters are thicker and sturdier than other window coverings and provide the best barrier between your home’s interior and the temperatures outside.  

The Shutter Store’s DIY shutters are custom made to fit your window like a glove sealing off any gaps, where other window coverings fail to provide full coverage, and provide excellent insulation.  

If your home does not have air conditioning, shutters will help keep rooms cooler during the day. For homes with A/C, shutters maintain room temperature better than other window coverings which means the A/C runs less, helping you curb those high energy costs.  

By doing your own measure and install, you can save about 40% of the cost compared to using a full-service measure & install service. 

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Energy Efficient Shutters 

Whether you choose our wooden shutters or waterproof polyvinyl shutters, you will be getting 100% solid window coverings that are quite energy efficient. 

Our Natural Hardwood and American Hardwood ranges are 100% solid natural wood. They are lightweight, sustainably sourced, and warp resistant, ideal for large windows and even special shape windows like arches, circles and more. 

Our Aluminum Core Fauxwood and American Vinyl shutters are solid waterproof polyvinyl reinforced with an aluminum core for added durability and longevity.  

Both wooden and polyvinyl shutters do keep the home cool without A/C. In addition, they also block the cold during winter, lowering heating costs and keeping your indoor room temperature comfortable year-round.  


Design Tips for Energy Efficiency 

Full height shutters, either louvered or in the solid raised panel option will provide the best insulation and keep your home temperature maintained and comfortable when the panels and louvers are closed. 

Shutters give you flexible control – you can completely close the panels and slats, blocking all sunlight. 

The slats rotate up and down and the slat tension can be adjusted, so that the slats can hold any position open to any angle without drooping or sagging. Check out our quick maintenance video showing how you can adjust the slat tension in less than 1 minute: Adjusting Slat Tension on a shutter 

You can even add a mid-rail to a full height shutter – maybe halfway or 2/3 of the way up - if you’d like to open just a few slats to brighten up the room without fully exposing the window and letting in all the harsh sun rays!  

You can also customize the number of panels in each window opening and open each panel independently or have them hinged to bifold, giving you even more options and control over how much or how little of the window to expose. 


These features are great for privacy, getting a restful night’s sleep, and keeping your home cool, while still allowing you to fully open up the window when you want to.  

It may be a good idea to open the shutters and windows at night when temperatures are cooler to help bring down the room temperature naturally without A/C. You can also keep the panels closed for privacy and keep the slats open to let air flow freely. 

A Bright Idea 

DIY plantation shutters are a smart investment that will pay off in the years to come. The long-term benefits include:  

  • Lower energy costs year-round 

  • A stylish addition to match any style home décor 

  • Less expensive by doing it yourself & quick and easy to install  

  • Long-lasting – will outlast several sets of curtains, blinds or shades!  

  • Adds curb appeal and increases property value for resale 

  • UV-protected to withstand high heat and direct sunlight 

DIY measure and install is easier than you may think! With our detailed step-by-step measuring guides, videos, and expertly trained staff, we can help you design and install the perfect shutters for any window. Give us a call, chat or email with any questions along the way.  

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