Plantation Shutters or Blinds? - The Low Down

Yasmeen 2/19/2021 11:27:31 AM Benefits of Shutters, Inspiration

In this battle between popular window coverings, plantation shutters are a clear winner for multiple reasons! Aesthetically, and practically, plantation shutters offer several benefits that blinds cannot compete with.  


Pros of Plantation Shutters  


Plantation shutters are a long-lasting and easy-to-clean fixture in your home and are the only window covering proven to increase property value.  

They provide the most light blockage and insulate your windows against extreme weather to reduce your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. They block dust and allergens from entering the home and are strong enough to hold up to playful toddlers, curious pets and whatever life throws at them!  


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At the same time as adding privacy and blocking sunlight, they allow you flexible control over opening the shutter panels fully to have full visibility and maximum sunlight. Or you can keep the panels closed and raise and lower the slats for light entry while still maintaining privacy.  

You can choose from café style, full height, tier on tier, or full height with a mid-rail to have ultimate control over how much or how little of your window you want exposed.  


They are UV protected and sealed to hold their color and stand up to direct sunlight without yellowing cracking or fading. Our DIY plantation shutters are an affordable custom window treatment to match the style of your home and custom-made to fit like a glove for a polished and impressive look. 


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Let’s look at those features compared up against some popular styles of blinds:  

Plantation Shutters or Mini Blinds?  

Contrary to the benefits listed above, mini blinds are challenging to clean as the multiple small blades are difficult to clean in between, and the strings holding the blades together get in the way of thorough cleaning.  

Not custom to your window, there is often excess length on the bottom of mini blinds that bunches up at the bottom of the window and makes them heavy and difficult to raise/ lower without them drooping or sagging. Not to mention that it does not look as polished as a custom-fit shutter. 

Plantation Shutters or Venetian Blinds?  


Just like mini blinds, venetian blinds are more challenging to clean than shutters. The vertical blades hang from a clip and you have to use great care when dusting and cleaning them to not dislodge them from the clips. I think we all seen Venetian blinds with at least one gap from a missing blade or two.  

Venetian blinds hang on a track that leaves a gap between the blinds and the window, ultimately not allowing for full light blockage or insulation. If the length is not just right, they can drag across the floor and become difficult to rotate open and closed or to slide opened.  

Plantation Shutters or Roller Blinds?  


Roller blinds are made of fabrics and therefore also more difficult to clean. They are thinner materials and won’t offer the same level of insulation and light blockage as shutters. Your only option for roller blinds is to roll them up or down. You cannot rotate any slats or blades to give you some natural lighting without fully exposing the window opening, therefore you do not have as much control over privacy.  

General Cons of Blinds  


Blinds tend to collect dust and are made of thinner materials that don’t give the same insulation or light blockage as shutters do. Our plantation shutters are all made of 100% solid materials, never hollow or composite.  

Over time in the direct sun, blinds will tend to yellow, crack or peel. Not to mention the thin material can bend and snap and won’t hold up for as many years as plantation shutters will.  

The strings that control your blinds can often get tangled or bunched up and stop functioning. Difficult to maintain or repair, blinds are a short-term investment whereas plantation shutters are an investment in your home that will be with you for the long haul. Our simple maintenance tips will keep your shutters in day-one condition for years to come!   

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Now that we have declared our winner, let us help you design your perfect custom shutters! Visit our online shutters Shop now to choose your shutter style, material, and design options to create the best style for your home.  


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