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Three Quick Natural Tips for your Spring Clean

The Shutter Store 3/30/2016 11:26:55 AM Home Decor and Design, Seasonal
That one time a year you dust off your cleaning supplies and decide it's really time to go 'all in' with the cleaning gear. Unscrewing those locked up bottles of bleach and replacing the fuse in your hoover... ok maybe not quite that bad - but let's face it, the deep clean doesn't happen too often! Here's 3 natural tasks to help clean your home spring 2016. 
Cleaning drains can be a horrible task, there are many products on the market available to burn away any hair or blockages down there - but for many people the smell and the dangerous chemicals is a daunting task. Here's the trick - two commonly found household products can be used to the same effect! Head over to Cunchy Betty for this great explanation on how to use baking soda and vinegar as a replacement for your harsh cleaning products!
Here's another top natural cleaning method used by the experts. Instead of using harsh chemicals around your sink or washing area, a better smelling and 'friendlier' option - use lemon! The natural acidity of lemons helps remove any rust stains and especially good at removing hard water residue if you live in an area that gets it... also leaving a lovely citric smell!
Plantation window shutters are undoubtedly the easiest to clean window treatment available. Our shutters are designed with top quality materials to be easy to clean with a simple wipe down. We recommend a damp (not wet, unless cleaning vinyl shutters) cloth, and giving them a once over. This should remove all stains and of course the dust. If you feel they're still perfectly clean - just a dust is fine to get them looking brand new. Much easier than taking down and washing your old curtains!