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Why Special Shape Shutters Are Perfect for Unusual Windows

Unusual shaped windows can present a real challenge when it comes to finding suitable window coverings for them, and you may find yourself very limited in choice when it comes to curtains and blinds. Fortunately a solution is at hand in the form of bespoke special shape shutters – which can be custom built to fit any window, regardless of shape or size.


The benefits of using shutters for special window shapes are manifold. First of all, they look fantastic and they actually accentuate the shape of your window rather than conceal it. The key advantage of custom shutters is that they fit the dimensions of the window perfectly. No matter how unique and unusual your window is, you’ll be impressed by just how adaptable and well-fitting a made to measure shutter solution can be.

The most common special shapes we receive enquiries for are triangular, circular and arched, and shutters work superbly with all these shapes, highlighting every curve and line in a way that would not be possible with curtains or blinds.

With custom shutters, you also have a wide range of materials to choose from, from waterproof vinyl to premium natural teak wood, available stained or painted in a variety of shades. You can opt for a bold color to enhance your window as a feature, or choose a softer, more subtle tone to blend in with the surrounding decor. The choice is yours!

 For inspiration and to see what’s possible with bespoke shutters, visit our customer gallery – you will see some excellent examples of our shutters being used for all sorts of unconventional windows, from trapezoids to exceptionally tall windows in a curved bay.

If you would like to discuss your own requirements and find out whether shutters could be the right solution for your special shape windows, call us on 0800 195 0196 or contact us via email