Tips to Incorporate Mid-Century Modern Décor

The Shutter Store 10/15/2023 12:00:00 PM

Are you drawn to sleek lines and retro vibes? While mid-century modern (MCM for short) design may have had its day in the sun, it’s still an enduringly popular style. And while it may not be as widespread as its heyday, the good news is that you can easily infuse your space with some mid-century magnificence without breaking the bank.

What is Mid-Century Modern Décor?

Mid-century modern décor is a design style that emerged in the mid-20th century, roughly spanning from the 1940s to the 1960s. It’s characterized by an emphasis on clean lines, organic shapes, and a blend of form and function (sounds like shutters, right?).

Inspired by the desire to simplify and integrate design into everyday life, mid-century modern décor is a marriage of sleek elegance and practicality. With its use of materials like wood, glass, and metal, along with a palette of muted tones and bold accents, it has an enduring appeal, continuously captivating designers and homeowners alike with its modern yet retro sensibilities.

Embrace Clean Lines

MCM design is all about keeping things simple. Start by decluttering your space. We know, we know. Sometimes it’s tough saying goodbye, but if you can hardly swing a cat in your place (we would never ever recommend swinging a cat), maybe it’s time to get rid of a few things.

Once you’ve had a clear-out, it’s time to bring in a new piece or two. Think sofas with tapered legs, sleek coffee tables, and other trim furnishings.

Blend Vintage and Contemporary

Sure, you want to incorporate MCM design into your home, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all in. It’s ok to pair your beloved rustic coffee table with your modernist couch. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of contrast? Plus, the juxtaposition will be a great conversation starter.

Play with Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are an iconic hallmark of the mid-century modern style. Introduce these patterns with wall art, furniture, throw pillows, tiling, or, well, anything really! We’re talking triangles, circles, and bold lines in a palette of muted tones.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Although a distinctly modernist movement, it’s not all glass and concrete. Mid-century modern décor also celebrates natural materials like wood and leather. To keep it budget-friendly, you can explore vintage stores for wooden furniture pieces that you can refinish or repurpose. A simple DIY project is to turn an old wooden crate into a stylish storage solution with an MCM twist.

Mid Century Modern Shutters

You may call us biased, but shutters are the best window treatments for mid century modern homes.  What makes them so great? Firstly, the natural material of wooden window shutters. Their warm, organic feel aligns perfectly with the MCM aesthetic, as do their clean lines.

They also come in a range of muted colors and finishes, from soft whites and greys to natural wood stains and limewash finishes.

Let’s not forget their practical benefits either. Their movable slats give you the ultimate level of control over light, helping you maintain that signature mid-century balance between light, openness, and privacy.

Ready To Get Started?

So, now that we’re clear on the best window treatments for mid-century modern homes, ready to get started? Get a quick online quote today for an idea of price or send an email to hello@theshutterstore.com today.