Interior vs. Exterior Shutters

Yasmeen 11/6/2020 10:08:19 AM Benefits of Shutters
At The Shutter Store we specialize in interior plantation shutters. They offer style that can be seen from outside the home, as well as insulation, privacy, and control over how much light enters the room. Exterior plantation shutters are popular for strictly decorative purposes or certain outdoor applications like an outdoor covered patio area or gazebo, cabana etc.

Interior Shutters

Our interior shutters are made of solid hardwood or solid polyvinyl, with the polyvinyl having an aluminum core for added support. All our shutters can withstand high heat and direct sunlight when installed indoors, with a window pane acting as a barrier between the shutter itself and the outdoor elements.

Our waterproof vinyl shutters can withstand humidity and moisture and are great for humid climates or areas near water / moisture like near a tub, shower or sink.

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Affordable Fauxwood shutters made of polyvinyl with aluminum core, installed above a bathtub.

With that being said, neither our wooden nor our polyvinyl shutters are treated for outdoor use and are not warrantied to withstand outdoor elements. Over time, exposure to the sun, wind, rain etc. can cause the shutters to crack, warp, or the metal hardware on the shutters to rust.
It is most recommendable to utilize our shutters indoors, and this will even add property value and beauty to your home visible from the outside as well.


Some of our very handy and creative customers have even created their own mounting to hang Bahama-style shutters indoors, adding a look of outdoor cabana shutters but without exposing the shutters to the elements.



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Exterior Shutters

Exterior plantation shutters are generally non-operable shutters, meaning that the slats don’t rotate open and close and the panels stay fixed in one position.

Our plantation shutter slats come in a variety of sizes from 2 ½" up to 4 ½" and are designed to rotate up and down, closing fully flat in the upwards direction for maximum light blockage and privacy. Our panels are assembled with hinges that connect to a frame and are hinged allowing them to swing open a full 180 degrees.

If you intend to order plantation shutters for an outdoor installation, keep in mind that the shutter warranty will be waived. You will also want to be sure to select a frame deep enough to allow operation of the slats, as generally there is not a recess depth available where you can mount a shutter frame for exterior shutters.

Exterior wooden shutters are not recommended, as the wood is a natural material and is prone to absorbing moisture and is affected by changes in climate if installed outdoors. Companies that specialize in exterior wood shutters would have to apply a treatment to the shutters making them better suited for use outdoors.

For exterior shutters, polyvinyl would be the most recommendable choice as it is not prone to warping and is waterproof. However, they will require additional maintenance compared to indoor shutters, and the hardware should be kept dry to prevent rusting.

Custom Plantation Shutters

While we do not specialize in exterior shutters, we can help you get a great look on the inside that will add curb appeal from outdoors. Or we can always help you customize options to work with your exterior project as needed.

You will have more success if the shutters are in a covered area such as under a patio awning. You can always make special requests such as ordering panels only, with no hinges or magnets attached so that you can use your own stainless steel mounting hardware. We also offer raw, unfinished wooden shutters if you prefer to treat and paint or stain your own shutters.
If ever in doubt as to what style or material to order to best fit your shutter project, just give our shutter experts a call!

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