Why shutters are a hygienic window treatment

Yasmeen 4/3/2020 2:13:13 PM Benefits of Shutters, Inspiration
Having an easy-to-clean window treatment can save you time and money and ease or prevent allergies. Plantation shutters are easy to clean, and here we take a look at how they compare to other treatments like blinds, shades, or curtains.


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What window treatments are easiest to clean?

Our plantation shutters are made of solid materials, never hollow or composite, and have a smooth easy to clean surface.

Blinds can be difficult to clean with so many small blades that easily bend or crack, and with strings in the way and often with excess blades bunched up at the bottom.

Shades and curtains require vacuuming or laundering frequently as they easily collect dust.

Plantation shutters do not collect dust or pet hair as easily, and in fact they block dust from entering the home through your windows. This cuts down on allergens and reduces the amount of time you need to spend cleaning.


Whether full height, full solid, or half-solid, your bright white shutters will surely stay bright and clean!

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If you are looking for the absolute easiest to clean shutters, choose a hidden tilt rod. This way your slats are connected to one another with a thin metal rod on the back/side of each panel. This makes them even easier to clean versus the central tilt rod which is on the front/center of each panel.

The one except to this would be if you choose the high gloss option in our Designer Collection. Since the high gloss finish will show more fingerprints, we suggest choosing a central tilt rod if you want to limit the number of visible fingerprints on your slats.

The Premium Elm Hardwood range has a deeper wood grain and texture for a more rustic look. All our other shutter ranges will have a smooth surface. The Premium Elm shutters are still quite easy to clean but may require more dusting than any of our other ranges.

Shutters with a hidden tilt rod will be the easiest to clean.

What to use to clean shutters?

All you need is a soft duster or microfibercloth to clean your shutters.

For polyvinyl shutters in a kitchen or area where they may get splashed or stained, you can use a damp cloth or a solution of vinegar and water to disinfect and wipe the shutters clean.

Polyvinyl shutters are a great option for kitchen or bath areas.

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For wooden shutters, avoid using any water or wet rags on the shutters. Use a dry cloth or a furniture cleaning spray to remove any fingerprints or stains.

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That’s it! It really is simple and quick to clean shutters, and they will outlast other types of window treatments. You might have to replace your blinds or curtains several times during the same time period that one set of plantation shutters keep holding up strong.

Being the easiest window treatment to clean is just one of many benefits of plantation shutters. Custom made shutters allow you to choose the material, style and design that works best for your home. Take a look at what some of our happy customers have done in our customer gallery. Send us a picture of your windows for expert advice on getting started.



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