New Homes – New Window Treatments

The Shutter Store 7/2/2021 10:09:45 AM Buying and Fitting Shutters, Inspiration
Many of us reach that point in the year where we just need a fresh new start and for some that could mean moving on to a brand-new home.  For those of you on this path your head will be spinning with home décor plans! And what better way to kick off your home shopping than with a set of shiny new plantation shutters….
When it comes to a new home aside from the fun of finding some great new décor pieces, you also want to consider the practicality and the payoff from those larger new additions. This is where window shutters take the front seat and really shine. Why choose plantation shutters for your new home? There are some brilliant reasons why, and some may even surprise you.

Long lasting window treatment

Curtains tend to be the typical choice of window treatment, and though they may be nice and pretty window coverings they can often get damaged with age, where patterns fade from sun exposure or over washing. With shutters you are getting a window treatment that is going to last many years to come. They are easy to clean and made from high quality wood or waterproof vinyl materials, so they won’t suffer from scratches, warping or any other damage if looked after right!

Practical benefits of new window shutters

Window shutters offer a practical solution to your privacy as well. If your new home is street facing, you will definitely be after the flexibility of controlling your privacy. Café shutters are an excellent choice for this, covering half of your window whilst leaving the top half completely exposed, allowing floods of natural light in but removing the possibility of any awkward eye contact with a random passer-by at ground level! A similar effect can be achieved with our tier on tier shutters, these are shutters that are made of two halves in a panel that open independently of one another. So you can have the option to open the top or bottom half, whilst keeping the other shut or keep both sections closed for an optimal amount of privacy. These work great in rooms like the living room or dining room were come evening you want to settle for the night after a long day at work!


If maybe you have moved into an older more period home, you might have some unusual window shapes that curtains, or blinds just won’t work on. Your window shutters will be custom made to fit your windows, including any weird or unusually shaped windows, and as a result, your new house shutters will cover your windows perfectly. To make it even easier for you, just check out our measuring guides on how to measure up so that your shutters sit seamlessly on these peculiar shapes!

How will your new plantation shutters look?

Plantation shutters aren’t just practical. Adding shutters to your windows will give you a real luxury feel to your new home. They are not only a stylish choice but also a timeless feature that will never look outdated. From a wide choice in color options you can choose anything from a bright pop of orange to a nice neutral white finish, which ever matches your own personal style we have a color choice for you, and any room in your new home!

Shutters on your new home

Even though you may have just moved house it’s important to note that window shutters are an excellent investment piece as well, that will add value if you choose to move again after a few years. They will certainly catch the eyes of those that may come to view your property in the future!
Purchasing a set of plantation shutters when moving into a new home is the best time to invest, they add a really unique touch to your home style whilst providing you with practical benefits that will last for years.
If you’ve got any questions about having shutters on your windows, contact our team of shutter experts today and they’ll be happy to answer your questions and give you advice on your options.

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