Living Room Shutters – What to Consider

Interior plantation shutters offer privacy, insulation, and elegant style to any room in the house. When choosing shutters for living room windows, you want to consider what will be the most inviting and functional.

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Plantation shutters are a great option for any size or shape living room window!

Style Options

There is no right or wrong style for a living room shutter, but the most popular choice is Full Height. Full Height shutters offer complete privacy (add a mid-rail to separate the slats so you can have privacy, and still let in some light) and are the easiest style to install.


Full height shutters with a mid-rail

If you don’t want to block much sunlight, but still need privacy for the lower portion of the window, then we recommend café style.

Café style living room shutters

If you think you may want to cover the upper portion of the window later down the road, however, consider tier on tier style which allows you to control the upper and lower panels independently. Trying to add a top tier of shutters above existing café style shutters would be more challenging.

Tier on tier style shutters


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The frame you select with your shutters will not only make them easier to install and keep aligned, but it will also reflect your personal style.
L-Frames are subtle and minimal, for a modern look without taking attention away from the shutter panels. L-Frames also work best if your window already has an existing trim.

L-Frame installed on a window with existing trim

Z-Frames (inside mount) and Deco Frames (outside mount) look like a decorative molding surrounding the window opening. These frames will hide any gaps if your windows are not perfectly square/level. We have different styles and sizes of each to go with anything from colonial or cottage style, to contemporary.

Affordable Fauxwood Z Frame Large

Check out our measuring guides to see all available frame styles along with instructions on how to get perfect measurements for either inside or outside mount.


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Whether your window is small, large, a box bay, curved bay, arch, or other shape, we have simple to follow instructions in our measuring guides and video library.

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As with any room, neutral colors will be timeless for a living room. If you change your furniture, flooring, or décor, a neutral shade will always match.
All our ranges come in neutral tones ranging from Bright White to Creamy and Gray tones. Our wooden ranges offer stain colors ranging anywhere from a light natural, to a black walnut.

A neutral color will match any style décor

For a bolder color or wider range of colors to match a specific color scheme or make a contrast statement, check out our Designer Collection. Or speak to our shutter experts about a custom color match.
bold-and-beautiful-colors-for-the-living-room.pngMake a statement with a color like these Claret Red High Gloss shutters in the Designer Collection.

Order up to 4 of our free samples today to see what material and color best matches your living room.


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For a living room, wooden shutters will offer the most options for colors and frame styles. Wood is the easiest material to work with you have to do any sanding to adjust for variance within the window opening.
Many people may be hesitant to use a natural material, to avoid the wood drying or cracking in the direct sunlight. However, our 100% solid hardwood shutters are treated with multiple layers of UV protectant and sealant, even mixed into the paint. They are meant to withstand high head and direct sunlight without fading or cracking.


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If you live in a humid climate and keep your windows open frequently, then you would want to consider polyvinyl shutters. If there is any moisture or humidity condensation on wooden shutters, they will need to be wiped down to keep them dry to avoid warping. Polyvinyl shutters on the other hand, are 100% waterproof and will not warm in wet or humid conditions.


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You probably spend the most time in the living room versus any other room in the house. Never settle for anything less than the perfect fit and the perfect style. For help with design, measuring, or installation questions, we are just a phone call, email or online chat away! Get expert guidance and save money by doing it yourself!

This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. Contact our team, our shutter experts are here to help you find the perfect shutter style, material, slat size and frame mount, ideal for any room in your home. We're here to help!