Are shutters easy to DIY? Here’s the low down

Yasmeen 7/29/2019 10:21:44 AM Buying and Fitting Shutters

Whether or not you normally consider yourself a DIY person, there’s no arguing that Do-It-Yourself offers many advantages over ready-made shutters or full-service shutter companies:
  • Saving money
  • Custom-made to your exact sizes and specs
  • You’re in control of your timeline, budget, and results
  • Satisfaction and bragging rights when you’ve nailed it!
But is it really that easy to do-it-yourself when it comes to plantation shutters? With The Shutter Store, the answer is YES!

Who typically orders do-it-yourself shutters?

We’ve helped everyone from first-time homeowners, to 90-year-old retirees tackling their own renovations, to expert engineers and architects. Regardless of age, skill, or prior DIY experience, the consensus is that our DIY guides are comprehensive, easy to follow, and backed by our friendly shutter experts every step of the way.

Needless to say, there is no typical customer, or typical window for that matter. Many of our customers are hesitant at first, but after their successful install on that first window, they quickly return to order for the rest of their house.

We treat every window with the same attention to detail and believe there is no such thing as a “standard window”. Our shutters are custom to your unique size and shape.

Measuring for shutters

In a previous blog post, we tackled some of the most common questions about measuring. We have videos for inside and outside mount measuring, and PDF guides with step-by-step instructions and printable frame templates to help you visualize the end results.

Anything that you have questions on, we have experts here that have gone through months of hands-on training. We can put ourselves in your shoes and guide you in the right direction. Casement windows? Bullnose corners? Rosette molding? … yes, shutters are still an option, and yes, we’ve done it time and again!

Send us a picture if you’re not sure where to measure or how to interpret the fractions of an inch on your measuring tape.


Designing your shutters

One of the best things about DIY is being able to customize and never settle for less than your vision! Start with choosing your shutter style, and material. Visit our gallery for shutter inspiration.

From waterproof solid vinyl to smooth or textured grain wooden shutters, we have something for every taste and every room in the house!

From there, you can choose your slat size, color, framing, and central or hidden tilt rods. This gives you flexibility to match the décor of your home, whether traditional, modern, or a fusion of the two.

A box bay window with 4 ½” slats, hidden tilt rod, and corner posts


Verbal review and confirmation call

One of the scariest things about DIY can be second-guessing yourself or wondering if you’ve made the right choice. We truly believe everyone has the skills to successfully measure and install their own shutters.

Being custom-made goods, we leave nothing to chance. Every customer receives a follow up call from us, whether it is your 1st order or 10th order, to check that all details make sense for your window and will be a good fit.

We make sure your windows have enough recess depth to accommodate the frame and slat size you choose, before we ever send an order into production.

Simultaneously, we can go over pictures of your window to pinpoint any red flags or obstacles and make our recommendations for the easiest install. We can still make any changes to your order details during this confirmation call, and we always send a final copy of the order for your review. If you’re still feeling unsure or have a very specific request and can’t quite visualize it, ask us for the factory drawings. We’ll send them over for your final review and approval prior to production.  

Thinking outside the box: T-Posts were suggested and added during this customer’s confirmation call, to split up the weight of the panels for better structural integrity.

Installing shutters

Your investment is just as important to us as it is to you, and we will go that extra mile to ensure a smooth installation. Following our guides and videos helps break it down into incredibly simple steps.

With The Shutter Store, your journey doesn’t end after you place an order. One of the things that sets us apart from other shutter companies is our aftercare. We are here to help you from beginning to end, including questions on your installation, troubleshooting, and advice to maintain the longevity of your shutters.

With a 3 year warranty, you can rest easy that your shutters won’t fade, warp, or crack – or else we’ll get a replacement made for you.


We love hearing our customers’ success stories. From the very nervous and hesitant to the experts, we know that everyone is going to have questions – and we have the answers.

We’ve done it ourselves, and we ask for lots of pictures and videos to be sure we have the full understanding of your project before we advise you. We have the “after” pictures from happy customers that have seen for themselves that you CAN do-it-yourself and have stunning results.

Any questions we haven’t cleared up? Send them our way! Give us a call, email, or chat with us online. Cheers to your success!

We hope you enjoyed this post. At The Shutter Store our goal is to simplify your DIY projects for your home, saving you time and money. For expert advice on DIY shutters to complete your decor project, call or email us. We're only a phone call away to help!


This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants.  Contact our teamtoday for advice on your shutters. We're here to help!