Changing a Room With Classic Solid Wood Shaker Shutters

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Solid shutters - raised panel shutters

solid or shaker style shutters

While it may seem an obvious statement to make, the difference between plantation shutters which have moveable louvers and solid shutters is that is you leave raised panel shutters closed over the room will be dark in the daytime. Plantation shutters allow you to tilt the slats to a wide variety of different angles and therefore you can pull light into the room or darken down the room, as you deem appropriate, just by tilting the angle of the slats. When you leave solid shutters panels closed over, the room is dark.

For this reason, most customers ordering solid shutters order narrow width panels. They do this as they will fold back the panels in the daytime and therefore want the shutters to have as little protrusion as possible – having narrow width shutters which fold onto each other helps achieve this.

The Shutter Store makes all shutters made to measure. No cut downs, no off the shelf, ‘squeeze to fit’ shutters are sold via our company. Therefore if you’re looking to buy raised panel shutters we give you different design options for your panels to make sure that your shutters are specifically designed to suit your style of home.

Solid shutters - Shaker Style

Example of solid and shaker shutters

Shaker style solid shutters refers to panels with have a slat insert in the middle portion of the shutter panels. This is the area of the shutters where you’d have moveable louvers if you were choosing a plantation style shutter. However with a solid shutter, which area has a solid piece of wood. Shaker style shutters were historically installed in more basic homes, which has less detailing in their fixtures and fittings – therefore the inserted wood center on shaker shutters is completely flat. No overly detailed molding.

Don’t be put off by the fact that we’ve said these shutters were historically in more basic homes! This was a long time ago and shaker shutters nowadays work well in creating a clean lined, traditional look in your home.

Solid Shutters - Raised Panels

Raised panel shutters are exactly the same design principle as the shaker shutter but the panels have a raised profile in the center. These are no more expensive that shaker shutters and your design choice should be based upon which design you like. Working well in homes with have crown moldings or more detailed word work, these solid shutters combine traditional design with an added design flair!

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