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Inside Mount Faux Plantation Shutters

Measuring your windows to successfully order and install faux interior shutters really is simple. We are here to help at any stage - if you have any questions at all when measuring and ordering your shutters, be sure to call or email at any point.

We are not like other companies you may find on the web. We want to hear from you, to help and answer any questions you have.

However – this faux shutters measure guide for inside mount installations is packed with information to help you successfully measure your windows. Taking 5 minutes to read this over will give you a wealth of information to help you measure, order and install your faux wood shutters successfully.

If you need any help, at any time email support2@theshutterstore.com or call 1-888-753-8290.

IMPORTANT: This measure guide for our faux shutter range is best viewed as hard copy. When printing, in your print options, please select PAGE SCALING as NONE. This option will appear when you click ‘print’.


An inside mount can only be undertaken if your windows have a recess. A window with a recess is where there is depth between the inside wall and exterior wall of your home, with the actual window being pretty much in line with the exterior wall of your home.

Let’s try this test to establish if your windows are recessed. Stand inside your room and look directly at the window. Ignore any trim you have around the window.

Inside Mount Shutters Information

Place your hand on the wall, either side of the window and run your hand along the wall, until it meets the window. When your hand reaches the window, does the wall go ‘in’ at 90 degrees or is the window pretty much flush with the internal wall of your home?

If your wall does ‘go in’ at a 90 degree angle, you are in the right place. If not (if your window is sitting flush with the internal wall of your home, read over our outside mount guide to faux shutters measuring.

A recess window generally works best to have your faux shutters measured and installed as an inside mount. This measure guide gives you different options to measure and install your shutters the way you want. If, for any reason, you cannot see the option that you want, please make sure you contact us. Every order we receive is unique and we are the true experts in ensuring you receive your shutters, your way.

Make sure you...

• Take 5 minutes to read this guide over. We promise it will pay dividends!
• Use a good quality metal tape measure to take accurate dimensions.
• Measure the width and height in at least 3 different places – bottom middle and top / left centre and right.
• When placing the order, it’s the smallest of these sizes that you should order.


• We are unique in that we call every customer who orders shutters from us. We ‘sense check’ every order, giving you piece of mind that any anomalies are picked up before manufacture.
• Don’t worry about taking additional deductions. We’ll discuss that when we call to confirm your order details.
• Call us at any time – we’ll pick up the phone directly and answer any questions you may have.

Inside Mount Frame Information

Your faux shutter order is completely custom made. You choose all the design options and panel details. Your shutters can be ordered as ‘panels only’ however most customers choose our ‘with frame’ option. There is no extra cost and your faux interior shutters are generally easier to install with a frame.

The diagrams below show our most ordered shutter configurations, which include a frame. You can choose how many sides of frame your shutters have when you order. If you prefer, you can select we choose the best frame option for you. We will chosen design of shutter. discuss your options when we call to confirm your faux shutter order.

1. When installing faux shutters, tight to the window, a 4 sided frame works best.

4 Framed Plantation Shutter

2. Double hung faux shutters, tight to window or front of recess are easiest installed with a 4 side frame.

Double Hung Shutter

3. Cafe faux shutter /half height shutter, at any point inside the recess, we recommend as being ordered with a 3 side frame – left, right and bottom.

Cafe Faux Shutter

4. Sliding door faux shutters look best when they have a 3 sided frame – left, right and top. This avoids a piece of frame along the floor which is aesthetically not so nice and a trip hazard.

Sliding Door Faux Shutter

5. Faux shutters at the front of the recess can have either a 3 sided or 4 sided frame. If ordering a Z frame, a 3 sided frame is your best option.

Sliding Door Front Shutter

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