Choose to Show off Your Louver Rods, or Hide Away Tilt Rods for Open Sky Style

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Shutters with regular or hidden louver tilt?

The Shutter Store takes a wonderfully simple approach to how you buy your shutters. Unlike many other shutter companies out there we don’t charge extra based upon different design options – so, with the louver tilt rod you can choose from our different options at no extra cost...

Hidden pushrods on this shutter

With successful shutter design it’s important to always bear in mind that it’s your decision as to what works best – they’re your shutters, your home and therefore how you design your shutters and want them to look is entirely up to you!

This image shows hidden push rods on our designer range. As with the other shutter design options we’ve talked about, the louver tilt rod is another design option which can great a big visual difference. We offer our ‘Open Sky’ hidden tilt rod as a no cost option. This system sees the louvers linked together by a thin metal rod on the back of the panel – to open, close and adjust the louvers you simply hold any one of the louvers and all the others will move at the same time.

This Open Sky hidden tilt bar option is in contrast to the more traditional front facing rod which runs down the centre of the shutter slats and is clearly visible within the room. With this shutter system, you just hold the rod and move this to adjust the slats.

To decide which option is right for you, an important factor to consider is how many shutter panels you are having on your window. If having many small, narrow panels then the push rod on the front of the shutter can be another visual factor which can make the window a little busier. The hidden tilt rod system can be a better choice as it is less fussy and gives as clearer view looking through the slats, if you choose to leave the panels closed over.

Shutters exposed push rods

However, at the opposite end of the scale, if you have large, wide panels, the push rod running down through the middle of the slats can help create an interesting visual element to the shutter panels and breaks up the line of slats. The image here shows exposed push rods on our designer shutters range.

We encourage customers to ask us for help if they are unsure of the right design of rod system for their shutters. Why not contact us via email, sending us a photo of you window and we can give you our thoughts on which design of shutters would work best. We’re here to help you get the perfect shutter for your home.

In order for us to produce 'open sky' - or concealed slats which close effectively, we need to stick to these shutter heights - please note this when ordering large sizes:

  • 1 7/8" slats, maximum height including rails is 36"
  • 2 1/2" slats, maximum height including rails is 48"
  • 3 1/2" slats, maximum height including rails is 60"
  • 4 1/2" slats, maximum height including rails is 60"

Any shutters ordered outside of these sizes will have their hidden rod automatically cut in half for you.  You will still be able to set all your slats to the same angle. This way we are able to ensure the functionality of the slats when they are open and closed. 

SHUTTERS $19.99 ft sq

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