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Arched window shutters – customer case study

The Shutter Store 2/12/2016 7:00:13 PM Buying and Fitting Shutters, Shutter Styles

We’re very proud that many of our customers take the time to review their experience with us on our Trust Pilot page. We decided to follow up one of our reviewers to ask more about the process of installing the shutters, and how she feels about them now they’re up. Millie ordered a number of unusually shaped shutters to fit her gorgeous arched windows in her Spanish-style Florida home. She ordered full-height Classic Poplar arched shutters and we’re delighted to say they were a great choice, dramatically enhancing the windows themselves. Here is what Millie had to say about the experience – and a few tips from her on how to get the best from your own shutter order.

Two dramatic arched shutters in an elegant living room

Why were you keen to install shutters?

“I have window dressings now (curtains, cellulars and roman shades). We find them bulky and hard to keep clean. Shutters have a clean look and they are easy to clean.”

How did you find the process of measuring up? 

“Super easy. We just followed the instructions our customer service advisor Nakia gave us. She was very helpful. Without her we would have been lost.”

Historic details in this warehouse conversion are framed with arched shutters

And what about the fitting?

“As long as you follow the measuring instructions and always take the smallest measurement, the shutters fit like a glove. We also had an irregular arch and Nakia recommended one of the Z-Frames because they tend to hide mistakes.”

Even the largest arched windows are suitable for our shutters

How do the shutters look now?

“They look amazing. Sleek and clean. They make the rooms look bigger too. They were super easy for us to install. I even installed one myself when I got impatient and did not want to wait for my hubby to do it. You just needed a drill and a hammer.” 

Are you planning any further shutter projects? 

“Yes, we are planning to replace all of the window coverings in the house with shutters, little by little of course.”

Millie's home office, complete with new shutters

You can find out more about ordering arched shutters or other unusual shapes here, and see many more examples of what they look like in-situ in our customer gallery.