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Kelly Hoppen Partnership

Kelly Hoppen, world-renowned interior designer, is known for her luxurious style; bringing elegance and class to any room. Famous for running a design school & store in London, her projects designing British Airways first class cabins, and in more recently joining the Dragons on BBC’s Dragons Den.

Kelly Hoppen profile

Integrating plantation shutters into her designs, Kelly is at the forefront of utilising shutters internally. Kelly Hoppen sets herself apart from the rest by incorporating her exclusive range of colours, textures and the actual design and shape of the louver, far different from any other on the market.

Her unique slat profile, available in 64, 89 & 114mm, is a more flat and angular shape than the traditional elliptical louver. This new design creates an exceptional look much sought after by those wanting to bring a modern designer look to their home.

Renowned for her use of dark neutral colours the range of colouring in Kelly’s range is well suited to any room aiming for a truly luxurious feel. Additionally the painted colours can be produced with a high-gloss lacquer to finish off in an ultimate deluxe fashion. Furthermore a range of stained colours are available on elm wood, extenuating the deep grains to provide a sensational, yet more traditional look.